P.L. Gaus
Author of the Amish-Country Mysteries



The peaceful town of Millersburg, Ohio, in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country, is rocked by the vicious murder of one of its citizens at the hands of an itinerant ex-convict.  When a local reporter covering the story ends up dead as well, with the convict already behind bars, suspicion falls on David Hawkins, father of the first victim.  But Hawkins is nowhere to be found, not even among the protective Amish colony that had taken him in as one of its own regardless of his shadowy past.


Following on the critical and popular success of his first book, mystery writer P. L. Gaus again brings us the moral and legal conundrum of Professor Michael Branden, Sheriff Bruce Robertson, and Pastor Cal Troyer as they set out to uncover the truth that seems so elusive in their otherwise quiet corner of the world.


Along the way, Gaus paints a unique portrait of the relationship between the Amish and the "English" cultures as seen from the inside.  Against the backdrop, Broken English is a tale of honor, deception, and revenge, where circumstances and the search for justice test the mettle of the closest of friends and reveal the desperate measures of the strongest of foes.


Excerpts from Reviews of Broken English


Strand Magazine
Here’s hoping this series will be around for a long time.”


Kirkus Reviews
As in his earlier Ohio Amish mysteries, Gaus, a chemist by training, combines drama and bewilderment in just the right proportions.”


The Columbus Dispatch
“. . . Broken English is a well-developed, tightly plotted, keep-you-guessing mystery filled with the cultural richness of Holmes County.”


Aunt Agatha’s Newsletter
P. L. Gaus has a real way with a first chapter – once you’ve read one, you’re hopelessly hooked.”


Ohioana Quarterly
Gaus weaves his extensive knowledge of Amish ways into this fascinating, suspenseful tale.”